Welcome to the Internet, or: Being An Artist in a Virtual World, Part 2

Originally, this post was going to be a long, thoughtful look at a single topic. I then realized I wasn’t as knowledgable about the topic as I wanted to. Before I could actually dig into the research, a Youtuber made a far more thought-provoking and in-depth video than I ever could have done in myContinue reading “Welcome to the Internet, or: Being An Artist in a Virtual World, Part 2”

Where We Go From Here

I’ve delayed writing any sort of post dealing with the roller coaster that has been 2020 or explaining my silence here. The honest answer is that I was lost for words – I had no way to describer what I was experiencing in the middle of a pandemic, starting a job working from home, droppingContinue reading “Where We Go From Here”

Love and Libraries in the Time of Covid

We’re living in a very different world since I last wrote. March 11th I was on my way to class, processing a flurried day in the office. It was becoming apparent something had changed overnight. The week before, Covid-19 had been a growing concern, but nothing to urgently handle. The following week, the world wasContinue reading “Love and Libraries in the Time of Covid”