A dramaturg is many things in one – as Andrew James Hartley discusses in his book The Shakespearean Dramaturg, “The dramaturg is a scholar and theatre practitioner, a historian, a thinker, and an artist, someone invested in both the material conditions of the stage and in its intellectual implications.” A dramaturg, as I was told in college, is like a midwife – they don’t have the baby, they aren’t the doctor, but they’re there to see that the “baby” (the production) is born healthy. Likewise, a dramaturg is invested in the production – not the script or the agenda of anyone person on the creative team. They work to ensure that the best possible production can and will occur. They are fluid thinkers who can cross between scientific researchers and creative, emotional thinkers in one fell swoop.

My experiences in dramaturgy have been mostly around musicals or plays with music and, for the large part, new works. Most of my time during these shows was spent researching though in some instances discussion and input around revisions was included. I am most passionate about researching little known historical events that deserve more recognition as well as stories surrounding race, gender, and mental health.



August 2019: The Co-Op play workshops (playwright: Gemma Irish) through New Leaf Play Development at Arts Nest/Phoenix Theater (director: H. Adam Harris)

March – April 2018: Contracted through the Guthrie Theater to work with Highland Park high school student to instruct through revision process.

October 2017-November 2017: Blithe Spirit, Guthrie Theater (director: David Ivers)

August 2017-September 2017: Watch on the Rhine, Guthrie Theater (director: Lisa Peterson)

July 2017-September 2017: Romeo and Juliet, Guthrie Theater (director: Jospeh Haj)

July 2016-February 2017: The Highwaymen, History Theatre (director: Jamil Jude)

October 2016: 110 in the Shade, Second Fiddle Productions (director: Joey Clark)

July 2016: Chess, Second Fiddle Productions (director: Rob Goudy)

May 2016: A New Brain, Second Fiddle Productions (director: Paul Coate)

April 2015-May 2016: Complicated Fun, History Theatre (director: Dominic Taylor)

January 2016 -March 2016: Nina Simone: Four Women, Park Square Theatre (director: Faye Price)

October 2015-November 2015: My Children! My Africa!, Park Square Theatre (directors: James A. Williams and Jamil Jude)

September 2014-October 2014: 1984 (dramaturgy observer) Theatre Pro Rata (director: Carin Wethern Bratlie)


Articles and Writing


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