Hells Bells

Holysloot was a quiet town – until the dead rose.

Belladonna Puck has been helping her aunts run their mortuary since she was young and is not unfamiliar with death. When renown monster hunter Calvagh Edu arrives to help Holysloot’s mayor and Bells’ mentor, he discovers the man dead and Bells had taken matters into her own hands. Bells has summoned a patron of dubious origins named Peredur and made a deal with him to bestow her with necromancy to keep the Mawr, the undead responsible for Remme’s death, at bay.

Through Calvagh, Bells learns the Mawr are being created by another necromancer – a mysterious being known only as the Grim. To protect her town and those she loves, Bells joins Calvagh, along with her friend Germaine, on a journey to find the Grim and destroy the Mawr that are wreaking havoc. As she travels, Bells begins to realize there’s far more she doesn’t know about her world than she could have ever imagined and in order to save that world, embracing the path of necromancy might be her best bet.

Interweaving magic, grief, and love with the struggles of being on the margins in a colonized land, Hells Bells is a fantasy adventure about the changes loss bring and how we rebuild ourselves around them.

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