LIS 1070 – Introduction to Library and Information Science

Over the course of this semester, my perspective of what library science entails has grown enormously. Previously, I was solely focused on the brick and mortar institutions that represented libraries in my mind. Now I have grown to see all the ways that libraries extend far beyond that – into communities, in government organizations, business institution, and online. The size and scope as well as skills needed in library science has captured my attention and made me appreciate how vast this field truly is. One discussion that especially challenged me was the conversation around copyright. I never considered how copyright law, Creative Commons licenses, and indefinite extension of copyright would affect how libraries operate. As I move forward through a world of unknowns, I plan to keep expanding my horizons, and learning about the overlap of libraries with other areas of study, such as sociology and social work, theater, computer science, and creative writing.


Library Biography Infographic

This assignment focused on visually displaying highlights of the life and career of Zoia Horn. Through gathering information about Zoia Horn and considering how to make it most streamlined and understandable to readers, this assignment helped me consider how to make information accessible and visually interesting (SLO 2 and 6). Because Horn advocated for social justice throughout her career, I also learned about how librarians can fight against censorship and support intellectual freedom (SLO 7).

Library Use Analysis Essay

For this essay, I shared a survey online which received 26 responses. I then analyzed my results in regards to current trends in the LIS field and discussed what library users desired the most from libraries (LSO 10). I used graphs and data to analyze the results and, through the open ended questions, gathered personal anecdotes about how libraries helped the responders in times of economic hardship (LSO 8).

Journal Review and Analysis Essay

I chose to evaluate the online Journal of Radical Librarianship. Reading the articles published in the journal informed of off current issues in the field and helped me see connections between libraries and controversial topics, such as government record keeping in regards to ICE (LSO 3 and 7). Seeing the wide breadth of issues the journal discussed encouraged me to stay informed about current events and conversations in the field as well as making advocacy a large part of my work as a librarian. 9 and 12

IGNITE Presentation

This assignment challenged me to do a large amount of research and condense it down to the most important parts to present in a short amount of time (LSO 1, 3, and 4). I chose to research LGBTQ+ library services. While I am familiar with issues in the queer community, this reminded me to consider my audience and know what is familiar to them. It also helped me evaluate what was important to educate the viewers about while also encouraging advocacy (LSO 110).

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