Artistic Statement

The plays that speak to me the strongest are the ones that straddle boundaries, both in terms of subject matter and presentation. I want to cross great divides in my writing, between politics, ideas, and beliefs as well as between the realistic and fantastical onstage. My characters strain against the norm and push back against what is expected of them. With a strong focus on portraying complicated women and their stories and struggles, my writing so far focuses on the ways in which the patriarchy affects people and the ways in which they communicate.


State of Abstinence

Ellie Callis is a sex ed teacher in Warsaw, Indiana. Accused of violating the abstinence-only policy in the state, Ellie is interrogated by her students and her peers at the school board meeting. As the tension escalates, the community members begin to grapple with what sex ed really looks like and how questions of sexuality and education are much larger than they seem.

Cast size: 9 (4 men, 5 women; race-neutral)

Development history: This play was Gina’s graduate thesis at Augsburg University in Minneapolis, MN. The play was privately workshopped at Augsburg University and a public reading was held on March 19th, 2018 at Phoenix Theater in Minneapolis through Arts Nest. The play received a 20 minute public reading of excerpts from the developed script in July 2018 as part of graduation from Augsburg University.

Awards: The script was a finalist for the National Queer Theater’s reading series in 2018.

“Indiana” reading at Phoenix Theater in 2018 (photo: Gina Musto)


Buffy the Bedbug Slayer

“Buffy the Bedbug Slayer” and is a parody of the much-loved Joss Whedon show. Including all of the much-loved characters from the series, we meet Buffy after she has retired from slaying but still battling bloodsuckers in her life – in this case, vampire-like bedbugs and a corrupt landlord named Dennis Drumpf. Inspired after the playwright had a real-life infestation with bedbugs, this comedy draws from the the themes of the classic 90s series as well as current civic sentiments.

Cast size: 7; performed with 4 women, 2 men, 1 puppet/puppeteer (flexible casting, race neutral)

Production history: This show was part of the 2017 Minnesota Fringe Festival. It received five performances at Theatre in the Round during the festival from August 3rd-13th, 2017. It was directed by Katlyn Moser.

Buffy and the Bug from “Buffy the Bedbug Slayer” (photo by Erika Moser)

Additional Plays/Collaborations

A Party with My Peeps (written with Lyssa Sparrow), performed January 2019 as part of Theatre Unbound’s Xtreme Smackdown. Directed by Alison Ruth.

Fiction Made Real. Paula Vogel’s Ubu Roi Bake-Off, staged reading at the Playwrights’ Center February 19, 2018.

My Inner Me (written with Lyssa Sparrow), performed January 2018 as part of Theatre Unbound’s Xtreme Theater Smackdown. Directed by Alison Ruth.

They Hates the Patriarchy (written with Maxwell Collyard), performed January 2017 as part of Theatre Unbound’s Xtreme Theater Smackdown Directed by Cassandra Snow.